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With nothing more than a second hand mixing kit and an eclectic array of records,

PAOLO TOSSIO burst onto the London scene in 1996 - a truly independent talent with an authentic, uplifting, and humble approach, he became well known for his creative ingenuity, original grooves, diverse music genres, and high-energy positive vibes on the decks, and his ability to spread those positive vibes through his own productions.


Stay up to date with new music, Live DJ sets and news about his new album soon to be released. Launching at CYBERDOG in Camden Market and WOMAD festival in Charlton Park.

New Single Out 20/01/23

WAITING ft. Samia

No stranger to the electronic dance floor, Paolo Tossio releases his first single of 2023 ‘Waiting’ featuring Samia. Bringing emotion and vibes to the dance floor, ‘Waiting’ gets right under your skin while pushing insane breaks that keep the dance floor moving - it’s a whole body sensation.


Vocals by Samia, Paolo’s wife since their first kiss on the dancefloor at Ministry of Sound in 1996. They’ve collaborated on diverse productions over the years - expect several new music releases  through 2023.


Paolo performed ‘WAITING’ to a huge crowd at WOMAD 2022 when he showcased his new album ‘CONNECTION’. Watch the immense response on his YouTube plus the high octane 45 minute showcase performance of the album via direct link here


Paolo says, “I’ve been working on this version since early last year. It's a retake of “I Might Just Break” released May 2021. I wrote the original about the pandemic, the lockdown, and how so many were suffering and waiting for the moment of freedom - ‘I can’t wait, I might just break.’ Remember, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance under the rain. The intention of the song stays the same, but the music has had a complete update and relates more closely to the vocal. This is not a remix - the only thing left from the previous song is Samia’s voice as I love the depth of her emotion in response to the stress felt by many.” For the curious, you can hear the original version on Paolo’s Spotify or SoundCloud 


Album Out Now

Life is all about connection. I choose to express my passion through my respect for music. Created from the heart, inspired by the present, and grown from the past, this album reflects that inner connection which I find makes the outer one that much sweeter. Welcome to Connection - a journey into euphoric, breakbeat, techno, liquid drum and bass, trance, house and chilled vibes, dedicated to all wherever you are on your way through this beautiful life. I wish you happiness, love and infinite connection. Grateful to my wife Samia, for the Infinite Connection doodle artwork, for her love and support and for encouraging me to never give up on my passion for music in all its forms.

With Love,

Paolo Tossio

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Paolo Tossio @ CYBERDOG
Taking the mother ship for a spin into music and sounds full of exciting
Techno and powerful Tech - Trance

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Live on stage: 

Saturday 28th Jan. 3-5pm

Sunday 12th Feb. 1-3pm

Saturday 11th Marh. 3-5pm

Saturday 25th March 3-5pm

Saturday 8th April 3-5pm

Saturday 22th April 3-5pm

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